Holidays in the Baltic

Guided tour for all ages
Duration: 7 days \ 6 nights
Tour dates: any on request
Price: 43 000 ₽

Type of allocation: Guest house (2-room accommodation)
Catering: full board (FB)
Route: Kaliningrad - Baltiysk - Chernyakhovsk - Amber –Svetlogorsk

Important note

The tour program

  • Departure from Khabarovsk to Moscow then by plane to Kaliningrad.
  • Meeting at the airport.
  • Population.
  • Dinner.
  • Breakfast.
  • Sightseeing tour “Kaliningrad. Start" (with a lunch break). Schoolchildren get acquainted with Kaliningrad, its main attractions, get acquainted with the life of the German philosopher and the history of three ancient cities: Altstadt, Lebenicht and Kneiphof, which later unite in Koenigsberg. The children will also see the historical areas of the city, in particular the area of ​​the old German villas Amalienau. Check who carefully listened will help the quiz, the winners of which receive prizes. The tour is designed for 5 hours.
  • Return to the hotel.
  • Dinner.
  • Breakfast.
  • Excursion to Baltiysk “The most western city of Russia” (with a lunch break). The guys will get acquainted with in the recent past - the closed city, the base of the Navy, the most western point of Russia - the city of the Baltic. The tour is designed for 8 hours.
  • Visit to the Swedish fortress.
  • Return to Kaliningrad
  • Visit to the Museum of the World Ocean, the embankment of the historical fleet, where employees conduct a fascinating quest (related to the marine theme) on a submarine!
  • Return to the hotel.
  • Dinner.
  • Breakfast.
  • Excursion "Knight's castles of East Prussia" (with a lunch break). On this day we will go to the east of the region, to the interesting castle of Insterburg - one of the oldest in the Kaliningrad region. It was built in the XIV century in Insterburg, which is now Chernyakhovsky. Here you will see a medieval performance. Also, children will find well-preserved sights of Chernyakhovsk: the Temple of St. Bruno - an architectural monument of the early 20th century, the building of the town hall - an architectural monument of the first half of the 20th century, Chernyakhovsk Craft School. The tour is designed for 9 hours.
  • Temple of St. Bruno. An architectural monument of the early XX century, the building of the town hall - an architectural monument of the first half of the XX century, Chernyakhovsk Craft School.
  • Old German school Waldvinkel. A lesson will be held here, and at the end, the hostess of the school will treat everyone with tea with a delicious home-made cake.
  • Return to Kaliningrad to the hotel.
  • Dinner at a hotel cafe / city cafe (without a bus).
  • Breakfast.
  • Excursion to Amber "Amber Way" (with a lunch break). It's time to go to the coast! On the fourth day of our tour we will go to Amber! This village is unique in that it is stored in the bowels of the earth 90% of the world's amber! In the village Amber is the unique, largest in the world Primorsky quarry, where amber is mined. From the observation deck offers an unusual view of the surroundings, reminiscent of lunar landscapes. Guests can take pictures in costumes of medieval knights, as well as try to find a sun stone in a huge sandbox. In addition, on the territory of the observation deck there is an amber pyramid, the construction of which took 500kg of amber. Staying inside is good for health, and you also need to make a wish. (The tour is designed for 6 hours)
  • Walk along the beach. In 2016 he was awarded the highest cleanliness award - the Blue Flag. On the beach, students will breathe fresh, sea air, relax, socialize during a small picnic.
  • Excursion to the city of Svetlogorsk. The most popular resort city of the Kaliningrad region. It is small, cozy and charming. It is also called little Switzerland. There are no large and wide beaches, as in Amber. But you will definitely like it!
  • View unique Hubert Matishek ethnographic collection. After a walk around Svetlogorsk, we will show you a unique ethnographic collection of the famous traveler, documentary, ethnographer, man who lived among the cannibals and managed to stay alive, Hubert Matishek. It became the basis of the exposition in the renovated Maritime Exhibition Center of the museum in Svetlogorsk. More than 1000 items tell the fascinating history of primitive tribes from the islands of Indonesia and the history of the highly developed civilizations of Southeast Asia.
  • Return to Kaliningrad to the hotel.
  • Dinner.
  • Breakfast.
  • Excursion to the Curonian Spit: "dance, forest, dance" (with a lunch break). The group travels to the Curonian Spit National Park, where they get acquainted with the Fringilla field hospital. The ornithological station on the Curonian Spit was founded in 1901 by Professor I. Tinneman.
    (The tour is designed for 7 hours)
  • Ornithological station on the Curonian Spit. The researcher conducts an interesting excursion with exponential weighing, measuring and banding the bird.
  • Interactive platform “Ancient Sambia. On the territory of the Curonian Spit Museum Center there is an interactive platform called “Ancient Sambia in the Viking Age”, where sightseers walk around the ancient Viking settlement, take pictures with the weapons of the ancient Viking, participate in quizzes and play old games and fun.
  • Dancing forest. Then the children take a walk through the unique and mysterious Dancing Forest, get acquainted with numerous versions of this unusual phenomenon.
  • Dune Efa. And of course, the most hardy ones will climb the dune of Efa - the highest point of the spit. In favorable weather, the tour ends with access to the sea coast, children collect amber and breathe fresh air.
  • Return to the hotel.
  • Dinner.
  • Breakfast. Room rental.
  • Excursion "Forts and Fortresses". (with a lunch break).The program in the framework of patriotic education: children visit the Museum of Fort No. 11. An interesting excursion and a fascinating historical quest at the fort help the group get acquainted with the structure of the fort and historical events. Hungry waiting for the field kitchen. (The tour is designed for 5 hours)
  • At the end of the tour, transfer to the airport.

* The tour program may change: in the order of the tour or replace them with equivalent.


Organized groups 10 + 1 14 + 1 20 + 2
Child up to 12 years 50 900 43 200 43 000
Child older than 12 years 56 500 49 800 48 500
Adult as part of a children's group on request
* The cost of the tour is indicated for informational purposes and is calculated taking into account the purchase of a subsidized ticket. The final amount for the tour is determined when booking it.
Ways of booking a tour:
  • In the office “DV holidays”
  • By phone (4212) 240-206, 240-119
  • Leave a request on the site
The price of the tour includes:

Flight Khabarovsk - Kaliningrad - Khabarovsk (via Moscow)
Guest house accommodation
Power FB
Excursions + entrance tickets to excursion objects
Guide / guide services
Transfer from the airport (to the airport) + transport services to excursion objects
Paperwork in the traffic police

The price does NOT include:
  • Additional excursions not included in the tour program
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