Acquaintance with Sakhalin

Tour dates:
on request
duration: 3 day \ 2 nights
Type of allocation: Hostel


14 + 2 group 20 + 2 group
Child (schoolboy) on request from 15 200
Adult on request on request
* The cost of the tour is indicated for informational purposes. The final amount for the tour is determined when booking.

The tour program

“Acquaintance with Sakhalin”

Day 1

  • Meeting at the airport of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.
  • Departure to Korsakov on the way, information is presented (in the form of a bus tour between the cities of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and Korsakov), with a story about the physical and geographical characteristics of Sakhalin, the history of the development and settlement of Sakhalin.
  • Sightseeing tour of the city of Korsakov with a trip to Prigorodnoye to the largest natural gas liquefaction plant in Russia (without visiting the plant).
  • Key excursion objects: Observation decks in Korsakov, overlooking the city; Historical objects of the Karafuto period; Monument G.I. Nevelsky and M.S. Korsakov; Municipal Museum of Local Lore of Korsakov. The coast and historical sites in the Prigorodnoy district; Defensive installations of the Karafuto period “Mereysky beach”, 1945; LNG plant in Prigorodnoye.
  • Lunch in the city cafe.
  • Excursion to the border guard ship.
  • Departure from the city of Korsakov, the road to the city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, the continuation of the story about Sakhalin.
  • Visit to the largest shopping and entertainment complex in the Far East "CITY MALL"with a visit Museum of the Bear (master class depending on age).
    Free time at the City Mall.
  • Check-in at the hostel.

Day 2

  • Breakfast in the city cafe.
  • Departure to Nevelsk. The route passes through the Bystraya river valley (“Imperial Valley”), Lovetsky pass, the city of Nevelsk and further along the coast of the Tatar Strait, to the lighthouse on Cape Lopatin and back. The route includes a sightseeing tour. on the way, a sightseeing tour of the city of Nevelsk, with a visit to the Nevelsky Museum of History and Local Lore (in the museum a master class in thread painting), from local attractions and interesting objects - waterfalls, observation platforms, historical monuments. Nevelsk is one of three cities in the world where Steller sea lions rookery arrange their rookery within the city. From February to July, this amazing sight can be seen on a breakwater in the southern part of the city.
  • Lunch in the city cafe.
  • Return to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Visit to the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Zoo.
  • A visit to the pool in the shopping center "Panorama" (the presence of bathing suits, towels, hygiene products and written permission from parents is mandatory).
  • Free time. Return to the hostel (on your own).

Day 3

  • Check out rooms, check out from the hostel with things.
  • Breakfast in the city cafe.
  • Sightseeing tour of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsku, acquaintance with the history of the “city of 4's states” and “4's of names”), a story about 4's periods of the city’s life. Inspection of the most interesting places, squares, monuments of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.
  • Check in to the STK "Mountain Air".
  • Visit to the new Victory Museum Memorial Complex.
  • Lunch in the city cafe.
  • Visit to the Museum “A.P. Books Chekhov's “Sakhalin Island”.
  • Free time at the Trade House shopping center.
  • Transfer to the airport, registration, delivery of souvenirs.

* The tour program may change: in the order of the tour or replace them with

The price of the tour includes:

Hostel accommodation
Meals according to the program
Pool, Zoo
Guide services
Bus service

The price does NOT include:

Flight to Sakhalin and back
Master class at the Bear Museum

Ways of booking a tour:
  • In the office “DV holidays”
  • By phone (4212) 240-206
  • Leave a request on the site
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