Acquaintance with Khabarovsk

Introductory group tour
Duration: 2 day \ 1 night
Tour dates: any on request
Price: from 7 900 ₽

Placement options:
- Hostel (city center)
- Hotel “Tourist”, rooms of the category “Economy”.
Catering: full board

Age 6+
Important note:

For organized groups, the minimum number of people is 10.

The tour program

“Acquaintance with Khabarovsk”

Day 1

  • Group meeting at the railway station. Transfer to the hotel.
  • Check in at a hostel or hotel (city center).
  • Breakfast.
  • Bus sightseeing tour "Hello, Khabarovsk".
  • Local History Museum (review of the museum). The expositions and exhibitions feature exhibits devoted to the paleontology and geology of the Amur Region, the flora and fauna of the Far East, the fish of the Amur basin, the culture of the indigenous peoples of the Amur region and Slavs-immigrants, the history of the development and development of the Russian Far East, the events of the Civil War in the Far East 1917-1922 . Temporary exhibitions are regularly exhibited. For the youngest visitors, an exhibition “Peasant Compound”, an interactive playground, as well as a convenient room for independent children’s classes, master classes have been created at the Children's Museum on the basis of the “hands on” principle.
  • Lunch at the cafe.
  • Cinema tour (backstage of the cinema).
  • Visit Creative Center "Secrets of Crafts". Acquaintance with the culture of the peoples of the Far East and the handicrafts of Russia: Gzhel, Khokhloma, the history of the Russian nesting dolls, Pavlovo-Posad shawl, ceramics, birch bark. Master class on making a souvenir as a keepsake.
  • Museum "Amur Fish". The remarkable aquarium exhibition presents a live collection consisting of more than ninety species of Amur fish from 125, distributed in the river basin.
  • Dinner.

Day 2

  • Things in the staff room.
    Breakfast in the city cafe.
  • Country exit: Zoo Amur them. V.P. Sysoeva.
  • Lunch.
  • Game Laser tag (1 hour) Laser tag is a military-tactical combat simulator using modern technology. As weapons, mock-ups of real samples are used, subject to the weight of the original, rate of fire, ammunition and reloading method. The weapon is equipped with infrared emitters; damage sensors are fixed on the player.
  • Visit to the equestrian club.
  • Dinner. Transfer to the railway station.

* The tour program may change: in the order of the tour or replace them with


Organized groups 20 + 2 30 + 3 40 + 3
Child (schoolboy) 8 800 8 500 7 900
Adult 10 300 10 000 9 400
* The cost of the tour is indicated for informational purposes. The final amount for the tour is determined when booking.
The price of the tour includes:

Accommodation in the locations of the selected category
Meals according to the program
Entrance tickets for excursion objects
Guide services
Bus service

The price does NOT include:

- train tickets to Khabarovsk and back
- additional excursions (optional)

Ways of booking a tour:
  • In the office “DV holidays”
  • By phone (4212) 240-206, 240-119
  • Leave a request on the site
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680013, Khabarovsk,
st. Shabadin, D. 19A, of. Xnumx
+ 7 (4212) 240-119 ,
+ 7 (4212) 240-206
+ 7 (914) 770-1908
Email: info@dvholidaysidays

Run time:
Mon-Fri 9: 00 ~ 18: 00
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