Small trip to the Far East

Group tour, including a visit to two major cities of the Far East: Khabarovsk and Vladivostok
duration: 5 days \ 4 nights
Tour dates: individually
Price: from 18 300 ₽

Type of allocation:
Hostel (Khabarovsk)
Hotel \ mini-hotel (Vladivostok)

Important note:

The tour program

“Small trip across the Far East”

Day 1

  • Arrival in Vladivostok. Meeting with the guide at the station.
  • Breakfast in the cafe. Check in at the hotel (selected category).
  • Departure to the Russian island. Excursion to the Voroshilov battery. The structure radiates unprecedented combat power. Tons of iron above and below the ground! Something similar exists except in the hero city of Sevastopol. And that's all - nowhere else on the territory of the former Soviet space. This Battery of Russky Island contains complex mechanisms that make you admire the power of engineering of the last century. It was designed to prevent the appearance of enemies from the sea.
  • Lunch at the cafe.
  • Visit to the Oceanarium and Dolphin Show. This is truly a huge institution. The total water volume of all pools is 25 thousand tons - one of the most impressive figures in the world. The building is in the shape of a sea shell, extends 150 m wide. The length of the route through the exhibition areas is 1400 m. The aquarium has halls with 3D screens, as well as 5D displays.
  • Dinner.

For an additional fee (optional):
Mariinsky Theater (a branch of the St. Petersburg Theater). Ticket price from 600 rub. with people

Day 2

  • Release rooms. Things are in the left-luggage office.
  • Breakfast in a cafe.
  • Production tour to Toyota Center. Here you can feel like a future specialist, “try on a profession”, chat with real professionals in their field.
  • Lunch at the cafe.
  • Bus tour of the city with a visit to the funicular. This wonderful city is ready to reveal its history to you. Some guests compare Vladivostok with Rio de Janeiro, others - with San Francisco. But Vladivostok never loses its romantic individuality. During this time, we will visit the past of Vladivostok and transfer to its future on a comfortable tourist bus, like on the “Time Machine”.
  • Submarine C-56. It is considered one of the most successful Soviet submarines in terms of the number of reliably sunk targets during World War II. The first Soviet submarine to circumnavigate the world. The submarine was awarded the Order of the Red Banner and the honorary title "Guards" for its services. Currently installed as a museum in Vladivostok.
  • We take things from the hotel.
  • Dinner with you on the train.
  • Transfer to the railway station. Departure to Khabarovsk.

Day 3

  • Arrival in Khabarovsk.
  • Meeting at the car with the sign "DV vacation."
  • Breakfast in the city cafe. Accommodation
  • Bus tour "Hello, Khabarovsk." Sightseeing tour of the city along the main streets, boulevards, squares. Optionally, you can make a ride on the bridge over the Amur River. The tour involves excursion exits.
  • Lunch in the city cafe.
  • Visiting the Museum of Local Lore named after Grodekov. Sightseeing tour of the museum.
  • Access to the outdoor swimming pool (water temperature + 28 degrees).
  • Dinner at the cafe.

Day 4

  • Breakfast in a cafe.
  • Visit to the Zoo them. IN AND. Sysoeva.
  • Lunch in the city cafe.
  • Factory Khabarovsk ice cream. Production tour with tasting.
  • Quest "Hide and Seek in the Dark." An unusual quest with performance elements that takes place in complete darkness. Players move inside an intricate maze and look for each other. In appearance, a simple task is complicated by the impenetrable darkness and the non-standard configuration of the site, saturated with unusual scenery, sound and visual special effects.
  • Dinner at the cafe.

For an additional fee (optional):
visit to the cinema. Ticket price from 250 rub. with people

Day 5

  • Release rooms. Things in the staff room.
  • Breakfast in a cafe.
  • Excursion to the air navigation center of the Far East (career guidance).
    Lunch in the city cafe.
    Excursion "Visiting Hasi Buri". Acquaintance with northern sled dogs, a visit to the aviary, a story about the care and life of dogs, a demonstration of equipment for sledding. View slide show. Depending on weather conditions, rental to each participant of the excursion in a team of 2 dogs 200 m.
  • We take things from the room. Transfer to the railway station.
  • Dinner.

* The tour program may change: in the order of the tour or replace them with


National teams 14 + 2 20 + 2
Child (schoolboy) 19 800 18 300
Adult 21 300 19 800
* The cost of the tour is indicated for informational purposes. The final amount for the tour is determined when booking.
The price of the tour includes:

Accommodation in the locations of the selected category
Meals according to the program
Entry tickets
Guide services
Bus service for sightseeing facilities

The price does NOT include:

- train tickets to Khabarovsk and Vladivostok
- additional excursions

Ways of booking a tour:
  • In the office “DV holidays”
  • By phone (4212) 240-206, 240-119
  • Leave a request on the site
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