The largest and most famous freshwater lake in the world does not need additional advertising.
Baikal is a must for visiting Russia. A trip to Baikal is a variety of tours: sightseeing, wellness, ethnic tours and cruises.

To get acquainted with all the beauties of this Great Lake, we recommend to allocate at least 5 days.

Tours to Baikal

What you need to know about Lake Baikal?

Lake Baikal, called the “sacred sea” in the famous folk song, is considered to be one of the most unique places on the planet, standing out for its numerous geological, landscape, botanical features. And in one of the “nominations” he simply has no competitors - in the list of lakes with the maximum depth, Baikal is the undoubted leader. According to various estimates, its lower limit ranges from 1642 to 1657 meters. In addition, environmental scientists claim that Baikal water is the most transparent in the world. Add from yourself - and the most delicious! And one more striking fact: this amazing lake keeps in itself one fifth of all the freshwater reserves of the globe - neither more nor less, about 23000 cubic kilometers! No wonder the name of the reservoir is translated from the local dialects as "rich lake."

The flora and fauna of Baikal is unique - it is enough to note that three-quarters of the more than 1500 species of animals living in its waters and in the coastal area are indigenous “Baikal” and are not found anywhere else. For example, the world-famous Baikal omul or the amazing viviparous fish golomyanka, the fat cover of which contains a whole storehouse of organic compounds and vitamins, indispensable in medicine. A peculiar symbol of Baikal is also the freshwater seal - seal. The coastal taiga forests are famous not only for the famous Barguzin sable, but also for its delicious berries and mushrooms, as well as unique healing herbs.

The Baikal microclimate attracts with its balance. With an average annual temperature close to 0 degrees, the lake is completely covered with ice for only one month of the year - in January. At the same time, even in the hottest time of the year, the air temperature is extremely comfortable. Another interesting fact: in terms of the number of sunny days per year, even some resorts of the Black Sea surpassed these places!

“Tour to mystery”

But perhaps the biggest attraction of this ancient land is the halo of mystery that covers it. Coming here you literally penetrate the feeling of mystery, reminiscent of spirits, shamans and other exotic attributes of the original culture of Baikal aborigines, rooted in the depths of the millennia.

Thanks to all these beauties and wonders, Baikal is a kind of pilgrimage site for thousands and thousands of travelers from all over the world. And it is no wonder that numerous tourist routes are laid here - the words Baikal and tourism are inextricably linked with each other. Of course, most tourists come from Russia, and residents of cities such as Khabarovsk or Vladivostok can purchase tours to Lake Baikal at almost any time of the year. Naturally, the most successful summer tours.

What to see?

Now we will tell you about the most popular destinations that go on tours to Lake Baikal, scheduled for the summer of 2020. An unforgettable trip to the only Baikal island inhabited by people, Olkhon, is considered to be a kind of visiting card of Baikal. It is also called the “spiritual capital of Baikal” - in the literal sense of the word. Here is the Cape Burkhan, which the indigenous people call the Shaman Rock. This name comes from the Shamanka Cave, known as a place to communicate with spirits, in particular, for sacrifices performed by local shamans. In the souvenir shop, travelers have the opportunity to purchase products created by local craftsmen - from small trinkets to paintings and jewelry made from Baikal gemstones.

The natural uniqueness and fantastic beauty of Baikal is personified by the Small Sea - the part of the lake separated by Olkhon. For an additional fee, the organizers offer to cruise along its grottoes and islets, to admire the harsh beauty of stone sculptures, the author of which is Mother Nature herself. These places are also famous for their bird markets - here seagulls, herons and black cormorants peacefully coexist, returning "to their native hearths" after several decades of absence. If you are lucky with the weather, you can sunbathe on the Saray beach, the white sand which gives extra comfort to the rest.

A car trip to the northernmost point of Olkhon - Cape Khoboy is an indispensable attribute of almost all summer tours to Lake Baikal. Its shape resembles fang. By the way, due to the fact that the contours of its main cliff from the side of the lake are associated with the female body, the cape has an alternative name - “Girl”. Visitors are particularly surprised and attracted by the sharp contrast between the rocky eastern shore and the gentle western part of the island. And from the capes of Sagan-Khushun and Shunt-Left, you can admire the magnificent panorama of the Great Baikal.

In the lower reaches of the Baikal Range there is a hot spring Goudzhekit, discovered just a few decades ago. Locals claim that it has healing properties, which forces some operators to include him on Baikal tours.

One of the most popular epithets characterizing Baikal is the word “unique”. But how else can you call the Taltsy architectural museum, which lies directly under the open sky and incorporates the ethnographic monuments of wooden architecture of the last four centuries? If desired, tourists can take part in the festive exhibitions organized here, all sorts of events with local flavor and rituals as close as possible to reality.

Some words about our “Baikal” offers

The price of tours to Baikal depends on the degree of comfort of the rooms at the recreation centers, the number of days of stay, the degree of saturation of the excursion program and some other factors. Meals - two meals a day, includes a rich breakfast and no less tasty dinner. The cost of our tours also does not include additional services and entertainment - rental of water skis, ATVs, swimming on water slides, but nevertheless - you can always buy them for an additional fee to make your holiday on Baikal even more vivid and memorable!

In addition, you may be offered horseback riding, "ship" fishing, visiting a mobile bath and some other services. It is important to know that some tours at the request of the client suggest the replacement of certain excursions with equivalent or others, with add. fee.

Perhaps this can put an end. We can only add: if you decide to take part in one of the summer tours to Lake Baikal, unforgettable impressions, coupled with a powerful charge of energy, are guaranteed! Welcome to Baikal - 2020!

For more information about the tours you can find on the pages dedicated to them - "Mysteries of the great Baikal" и "Journey through Siberia and Lake Baikal"

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