Black Sea Cruises

Duration: 7 days \ 6 nights
Duration: from 01.03. to 31.10.
Route: Sochi - Novorossiysk - Yalta - Sevastopol - Sochi
Guaranteed School Group Tour Date: 10.07.20
Price: from 50 400₽

Placement options:
- “B2” - cabin without a porthole (inside)
- “A2” - cabin with a porthole (external)
- “Suite” - Superior Cabin
Catering: 3 meals a day according to the Buffet system

Important note
For a full cruise trip, you must also book other services:
- ttransports before and / or after the cruise from the airport of Sochi to the sea station of Sochi;
- uh
Tours at ports of call.

Cruise Information

    The liner "Prince Vladimir" - a comfortable nine-decker ship. Its length is 142 meters, its width is 21,9 meters, and the height of its surface is 32 meters. The liner goes at a speed of 16 knots, that is, about 29 km / h. The number of rooms is 300 guest cabins. The crew is 250 people. The liner follows the route Sochi - Novorossiysk - Yalta - Sevastopol - Sochi.
  • 9 decks
  • Passenger capacity 600 people
  • Conference hall for 350 people
  • 2 restaurant
  • Karaoke bar
  • 4 bar
  • Aqua zone
  • 2 outdoor deck pools
  • 3D cinema
  • Beauty salon
  • Kids Club
  • Shopping gallery
  • Massage room
    The crew of the Prince Vladimir liner includes only highly qualified specialists with experience working on cruise liners. The staff interacting with tourists, such as stewards, accommodation service, restaurant service, are fluent in English. Therefore, for foreign tourists, a cruise on the Prince Vladimir liner will take place without a language barrier.

The price includes 3 meals a day according to the "Buffet" system. It starts with dinner on the day of boarding and ends with breakfast on the day the cruise ends. Nutritional changes are established and prescribed in daily individual programs.

  • Example menu
    Breakfast: Vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, herbs, lettuce, olives, olives), Sulguni cheese, Gouda cheese Russian cheese, Baked chicken roll Baguette with egg Cottage cheese, Sour cream, Dried apricots, Prunes Nuts (walnut, peanuts, hazelnuts), Honey, Jam, Fruit salad, Portioned yogurt, Drinking yogurt, Semolina porridge with milk, Dumplings with cottage cheese, Boiled sausages, Omelet with herbs Fried croutons with egg Chicken balls, Puff pastry tongues, Compote club. / Fruit, Fruit juice, Tea coffee.

    Salted mushrooms with aromatic butter, Meatball soup, Red borscht, Mushroom cream soup, Beef beef, Grilled cod, Tapaka chicken, Fried green beans, Potato puree, Boiled rice, Tomato and mozzarella cheese appetizer, Greek salad, Salad with squid, Mackerel, Lightly salted herring, Lightly salted salmon, Vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, Bulgarian pepper, greens, lettuce, olives, olives), Canned vegetables, Suluguni cheese, Gouda cheese, Russian cheese, Satsebeli sauce, Sauce cocktail, Balsamic cream sauce, Compote club. / fruit- fit, Dessert Sancho Pancho, ice cream, fruit salad, fruit juice, tea / coffee making facilities.
    Stewed pork with potatoes and zucchini, Chicken drumstick in sour cream sauce, Ham rolls, Grilled vegetables, Rustic salad, Vegetable pita roll, Mackerel, Lightly salted herring, Lightly salted salmon, Vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, bell pepper, greens , lettuce, olives, olives), Canned vegetables, Mashed potatoes, Buckwheat porridge with mushrooms, Dumplings with cheese, Hawaiian mix, Spaghetti, Boiled rice, Suluguni cheese, Gouda cheese, Satsebeli sauce, Cocktail sauce, Balsamic cream sauce, Compote club./fruit and berry, Strudel cherry, Cheesecake Apple, Ice Cream, Fruit Salad, Fruit Juice, Tea / Coffee.

  • category B2 (internal) - bathroom, hair dryer, bottled drinking water.
  • category A2 - window, bathroom, TV, fridge, hairdryer, bottled drinking water
  • Suite category - 2 windows, a bathroom, a TV, a fridge, a hairdryer, bottled drinking water, 1 extra bed - free of charge, an extra bed for a child under 14 years old (inclusive) - free of charge.

    Number of places in cabins:

    Each cabin has 2 (two) main places (lower places). Depending on the category of cabins, there are 1 or 2 extra beds (some cabins). The maximum number of passengers in a cabin is 4 (some cabins);

    - In cabins of category “A2” and “B2” extra seats are presented in the form of upper shelves;

    - In cabins of the “Suite” category, extra places are presented in the form of a chair-bed (cabin 32 - sofa bed).



Day of the week

Arrival time

Departure time


Sochi - port of landing






















Day on the high seas



Sochi - the end of the cruise



  • What you should know when preparing for a trip on a cruise ship:
      1. Boarding a cruise ship is carried out only if there are identity documents for each tourist (passport, birth certificate, etc.) The absence of the above documents from the tourist is the basis for refusing a tour. The start time of registration and boarding is indicated in Appendix No. 1 of this agreement or in your account on the website of the tour operator. Check-in and boarding ends 60 minutes before the announced departure time of the cruise ship.
      2. The final time of departure of the cruise ship can be clarified a few days before departure for the flight at the office of the Tour Operator or by calling 8 800 350 30 55.
      3. A foreign tourist crossing the border of the Russian Federation during a cruise is subject to entry and exit visa registration. In this regard, the tourist must ensure the availability of a multiple entry visa. In the absence of the necessary visa to complete the cruise on the territory of the Russian Federation, the tour is canceled by the Tour Operator without refund of the cost of the tour. Responsibility for violation of Russian law lies with the Tourist.
      4. In the event of circumstances preventing the tourist from using the tourist product, the tourist is obliged to immediately inform about them for the timely adoption of the necessary measures.
      5. Meals on a cruise ship daily, three meals a day, except for boarding and departure day. On the day of boarding tourists are organized dinner, on the day of departure - breakfast. On the day of boarding / disembarkation, meals are provided depending on the time of departure / arrival. Menus are posted daily on the premises of the cruise ship restaurant. Alcoholic drinks, juices, water and other products of bars and restaurants, not included in the price of the tour, are sold for cash / bank transfer. If the time of the excursion coincides with the meal, the tourist is given a “lunch box” with lunch.
      6. For the convenience of tourists, one or two changes of food in the restaurant are provided on board the vessel. Meal time, number of shifts and seating arrangements at restaurant lounges may vary depending on the route and the number of tourists on the flight. A tourist during the registration of a tourist product can express his wishes to the manager of the sales department for changing meals, but the final distribution of seats in the restaurant occurs during registration on board the cruise ship.
      7. Tourists can be offered excursions that are not included in the price and are paid separately at the request of the Tourist. Formation of groups for an additional program, as well as its payment, can be carried out at the office or on a cruise ship, depending on the particular flight. This information must be clarified with the sales manager when making the tour.
      8. The tourist must observe the rules of personal safety during travel, the requirements of transport safety and the requirements of access and internal regime, adhere to generally accepted standards of behavior on board the cruise liner and during excursions, must not allow actions that could lead to danger to life and health or threaten safety property of tourists or ship property; not allow actions that impede the conduct of excursion or cultural and recreational activities; keep track of your personal belongings both on board the cruise ship, and during excursions. A tourist who interferes with his behavior with the rest of other tourists and (or) violates the order may be removed from the cruise ship at the nearest port without compensation for unproven services and payment of travel to the place of residence. The tourist is responsible for violation of the rules of travel and baggage in force in the Russian Federation. In order to ensure transport safety and identify violators, video surveillance is conducted on a cruise ship.
      9. On board the cruise liner, a free style of clothing (shorts, shirt, shirt, etc.) is adopted, shoes should have a tight fit on the foot with the obligatory presence of fixation of the back of the foot (wearing shoes like “slap, slate” is not permissible). For excursions in ports of call, take comfortable shoes and clothing. On some excursions (visiting churches, monasteries, etc.) tourists in shorts are not allowed, and for women a skirt and a scarf are necessary. Before the end of the cruise lasting more than five days, a gala captain's dinner is organized, so we recommend that women take evening toilets with them, and men - a suit and tie.
      10. In emergency cases, on board the cruise ship, the ship's doctor provides first aid first aid free of charge. In case of tourist’s illness during the cruise (injuries, exacerbation of chronic and other diseases requiring qualified medical treatment and care), the tourist must contact a medical institution in the nearest port. In the case of the continuation of the flight and the tourist refuses medical treatment in a stationary institution, the tourist is fully responsible for the results of the decision made, and the Tour Operator is not responsible for the consequences caused by the tourist’s illness, and does not reimburse the cost of services not used by the tourist due to illness. If necessary, hospitalization of the patient, the cruise ship will stop at the nearest berth equipped for this type of vessel. Claims by other tourists for a change in the schedule caused by such a stop will not be accepted. All tourists must have with them an identity document (passport / birth certificate, etc.) and a compulsory health insurance policy. For those in need of treatment and constant medical supervision, a trip on a cruise ship is not recommended. The cruise liner, cabins, gangways, moorings are not adapted for movement of persons along them with impaired musculoskeletal system functions. If a tourist’s chronic or infectious disease threatens the health of other tourists or crew, and the tourist does not report his illness to the staff, he can be removed from the cruise ship in the nearest port without compensation for unproven services and fare to the place of residence.
      11. The captain is the one-man on board the vessel, so all passengers are required to obey the orders of the captain within his powers. Throughout the cruise, the tourist must obey the internal regulations, comply with safety rules and comply with all orders of the crew of the vessel and the Directorate of the cruise. In accordance with Article 67 of the Merchant Shipping Code of the Russian Federation, the orders of the master of the vessel, within his powers, are subject to execution by all persons on board the vessel. The captain of the vessel has the right to isolate a person whose actions do not contain signs of a crime stipulated by the criminal legislation of the Russian Federation, but pose a threat to the safety of the vessel or people and property on it.
      12. In case of general alarm, in case of fire in the cabin or if there are signs of it on the ship, the passenger is obliged not to panic, report the smoke to the crew of the ship, occupy the cabins in accordance, warmly put on, put on a life jacket and strictly follow the instructions received from the radio transmission network the captain of the vessel (person replacing him) and the cruise directorate. In case of interruptions in the broadcasting network, keep the cabin door open and listen carefully to the commands given by the members of the emergency rescue team.
      13. The cruise liner is a high-risk vehicle, and the tourist agrees not to leave unattended children, as well as legally incompetent relatives, taken on a trip and is fully responsible for their behavior and health during the tour.
      14. During parking in settlements, the cruise liner can depart from the berth to carry out technological operations, about which the Cruise Directorate notifies tourists in a timely manner.
      15. The tourist must preserve the natural environment, carefully treat the monuments of nature, history and culture.
      16. The cost of the cruise does not include: costs associated with moving to the place where the tour starts and from the place where the tour ends, servicing in all bars, renting tourist equipment and other additional services during the tour.
      17. On board a cruise ship it is prohibited:
        • transport animals and birds;
        • use electrical appliances in cabins, including electric heating (except hair dryer, power up to 600 W, electric shavers and chargers);
        • smoking in non-equipped places, including cabins and all public areas (equipped smoking areas are provided on open decks).
        • throw cigarette butts and garbage overboard the cruise ship;
        • run along the ramps and decks, sit on the railing and fences, hang over the railings of the deck fencing;
        • give false cries for help;
        • feed the gulls from the decks of the cruise ship, jump from the ship;
        • jump into the water, transport objects with overall dimensions over 150x100x50 cm in the vessel’s premises;
        • to enter and be in the office rooms with the signs "No entry" and "For personnel only", as well as in places where ship devices and mechanisms are located;
        • when leaving the cabin, turn on the lights, open windows and doors;
        • climb the masts, climb into boats, use the ship's bell, remove lifebuoys without need;
        • use fire and pyrotechnic means on the ship (torches, firecrackers, fireworks, sparklers, sound and fire rockets, scented candles, etc.);
        • independently turn on, turn off the light in public passenger lounges or change the lighting intensity. To do this, passengers should contact the representative of the crew or the cruise directorate.
        • attach or lay out on board any materials, including advertising materials, without prior approval from the official representatives of the Company.
        • create conditions that are uncomfortable for other passengers and impede the work of crew members of the cruise ship;
        • create situations that threaten the safety of navigation, life, health, honor and dignity of other passengers and crew of the cruise ship, as well as allow any verbal abuse, threat or physical violence against them;
        • consume alcoholic beverages other than those purchased or offered on board the cruise ship;
        • spoil the property belonging to the Tour Operator and / or take it off the board of the cruise ship;
        • use emergency equipment without the instructions of the crew of the cruise ship.
      18. It is forbidden to carry aboard a cruise ship:
        • edged, firearms, gas weapons and their ammunition, self-defense equipment and electric shock devices;
        • explosive (explosive), radioactive, poisonous, poisonous, flammable, chemically active and strongly smelling objects and substances;
        • narcotic, psychotropic substances and intoxicating mixtures;
        • alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. In case of detection, alcohol and alcohol will be seized by the crew and returned to the tourist upon arrival at the end of the cruise.
      19. Transport safety requirements for cruise ship passengers. In accordance with the legislation on transport safety, passengers on a cruise ship and at the infrastructure of seaports are required to:
        • to enter the transport security zone (cruise liner, infrastructure of seaports) in accordance with the rules for conducting inspection, additional inspection and re-examination established for the purpose of ensuring transport safety;
        • comply with the requirements of the transport security forces of the cruise ship and the infrastructure of seaports related to the performance of their duties;
        • inform the staff of the transport security forces about events or actions that pose a threat to transport security.

    Passengers traveling on a cruise ship are prohibited from:

      • bring objects and substances prohibited or restricted for transportation on board a cruise ship to the transport safety zone;
      • impede the functioning of technical means of ensuring transport safety located in the transport safety zone (on a cruise ship and infrastructure facilities of seaports);
      • accept from other (unauthorized) persons material objects for their transportation on board the cruise liner without notifying the transport security forces;
      • take actions that impede the functioning of the technical equipment and crew of the cruise liner, including the dissemination of knowingly false messages about events or actions that pose a threat to the safety of the cruise liner, as well as actions aimed at damaging (stealing) the elements of the liner, which can lead them to a condition unsuitable for operation, or a condition threatening the life or health of passengers, personnel of the transport infrastructure facilities of seaports, employees of the transport security forces foulness and other persons;
      • transmit to third parties documents providing the right to undergo a search procedure in a special order to enter the transport security zone;
      • make passage to the transport security zone of the cruise liner, infrastructure facilities of seaports outside (bypassing) the established passages;
      • take actions that simulate the commission or preparation for the commission of acts of unlawful interference in the activities of maritime transport on a cruise ship and infrastructure facilities of seaports.


Cruise period B2 "A2" "Suite"
01.03. - 28.03. from 21 800 from 30 300 from 47 300
29.03. - 25.04. from 23 100 from 31 800 from 51 700
26.04. - 02.05. from 24 500 from 33 700 from 54 700
10.05. - 16.05. from 27 400 from 35 900 from 54 700
17.05. - 30.05. from 28 800 from 37 800 from 57 600
07.06. - 13.06. from 30 200 from 39 700 from 59 300
14.06. - 20.06. from 30 800 from 40 400 from 60 500
21.06. - 27.06. from 31 700 from 41 600 from 61 700
05.07. - 11.07. from 33 400 from 43 900 from 65 600
12.07. - 18.07. from 50 400 School group from Khabarovsk. Departure 10.07.20. Price includes cruise, air and train, transfer.
19.07. - 25.07. from 33 400 from 43 900 from 65 600
26.07. - 01.08.
Flight with call to Sukhum
from 34 500 from 46 000 from 67 700
02.08. - 15.08. from 33 400 from 43 900 from 65 600
16.08. - 22.08. from 32 500 from 42 700 from 65 100
30.08. - 12.09. from 29 700 from 39 000 from 59 300
13.09. - 19.09. from 28 800 from 37 800 from 59 300
27.09. - 17.09. from 25 900 from 34 000 from 54 700
* The cost of the cruise depends on the category of cabin, deck, date of booking, date of the cruise and category of tourist (senior citizen, newlyweds, etc.). For more information about the cost of the cruise, please contact our managers by phone +7 (4212) 240-119
Ways to book a cruise:
  • In the office “DV holidays”
  • By phone (4212) 240-206, 240-119
  • Leave a request on the site
The cruise price includes:

Accommodation in the cabin of the selected category
Buffet meals (3 meals a day)
Entertainment programs (evening shows, night clubs, live music, morning sporting events, master classes, dance lessons)
Children's participation in Kids clubs
Open deck aqua area
Film screenings on board
Harbor dues, taxes and fees

The price of the school tour (10.07.) Also includes:
Flight Khabarovsk-Moscow-Khabarovsk
railway passage Moscow-Adler-Moscow
Transfer to the sea station
Accommodation in a 4-berth cabin of category “B2” (3 decks).

The price does NOT include:
  • Flight Khabarovsk - Sochi - Khabarovsk
  • Transfer to the sea station
  • Excursions at ports of call
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