Speleotur “guarding spear”

Tour dates: on request
duration: 3 day \ 2 nights
Type of allocation: camping
Season: october-march
Age restrictions: 12+
Difficulty level: suitable for beginners

Placement options:
Catering: full board (FB)

Important note:
Due to weather conditions, the dates of the tour, the dates of the tour, as well as the tour program itself may change.

Description of the cave complex

“Guarding spear”

The Lance Spear Cave is part of the Ulsinsky Cave Complex, which also includes the caves: Trumpet, Giprolestrans, Chipmunk, Coeval, Square and Ice Hill. The complex is embedded in gray fractured limestones of the Yarap Formation of the Perm period. The age of limestones is about 280-295 Ma. This is a unique underground world of the Khabarovsk Territory. Such large numbers of ice formations are found only in these caves.
“Guardian Spear” is the largest cave of this complex. The total length of the moves is more than 2 kilometers. Stunning geometry of the famous ceiling plume halls “Fairy Tale” will not leave indifferent any visitor.

Discover a new world!

The tour program

  • 09:00 - Group meeting in Khabarovsk. Departure to the location of the base camp.
    Arriving at the place. Camp arrangement.
    19:00 - Dinner.
    Free time. Overnight stay.
  • 09:00 - Breakfast.
    10:00 - Beginning of the active part of the program. A visit to the cave.
    13:00 - Lunch.
    14:00 - Continuation of the active part of the program.
    20:00 - Dinner.
    Free time. Overnight stay.
  • 09:00 - Breakfast.
    10:00 - Gathering camp.
    Return to Khabarovsk.
    • Headgear (hat fleece or synthetic)
    • Running suit (ski or fleece)
    • Thermal underwear (top and bottom)
    • Running shoes (tracking high boots with a warm insole for two warm socks)
    • Socks (2 pairs)
    • Warm socks (1 pair)
    • Work gloves
    • Warm gloves
    • Backpack
    • Metal dishes in a rag pouch
    • Khoba (lining that protects a person's fifth point from cold, dirt, moisture and uneven surfaces
    • Thermal underwear (top and bottom)
    • Warm jacket
    • Sleeping bag
    • Flashlight + batteries to it

* The tour program may change: in the order of the tour or replace them with equivalent.


Team group
Child (schoolboy) 7 000
Adult 7 000
Ways of booking a tour:
  • In the office “DV holidays”
  • By phone (4212) 240-206, 240-119
  • Leave a request on the site
The price of the tour includes:

The work of qualified instructors
Rental of group equipment (tents, awnings, oven, etc.)
Food (cooking is carried out with the direct participation of tourists)
Registration in the Ministry of Emergency Situations
Satellite communications for emergency
Wildlife Protection
Radio communication between group members
Full transfer from Khabarovsk and back by off-road vehicle
Obtaining permission to visit the cave complex

The price does NOT include:
  • Accident insurance
  • Individual equipment
Do you have a tour question?
Ask it to us!
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680013, Khabarovsk, ul. Shabadina, d. XNUMHA, of. Xnumx
Phone: + 7 (4212) 240-119 , + 7 (4212) 240-206
Mob: + 7 (914) 770-1908
Email: info@dvholidaysidays
Run time: Mon-Fri 9: 00 ~ 18: 00. Sat 10: 00 ~ 14: 00

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680013, Khabarovsk,
st. Shabadin, D. 19A, of. Xnumx
+ 7 (4212) 240-119 ,
+ 7 (4212) 240-206
+ 7 (914) 770-1908
Email: info@dvholidaysidays

Run time:
Mon-Fri 9: 00 ~ 18: 00
Sat 10: 00 ~ 14: 00


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