Unforgettable tour to Vladivostok 2020

As soon as Vladivostok is not called: the capital of the Far East, and the most remote outpost of our Fatherland, and the eastern gate of the country, and the Russian Naples (a comparison of the famous Norwegian traveler Fritjof Nansen), and our “response” to San Francisco (the steep hills on which are located both cities and suspension bridges are surprisingly similar)!

And Vladik ”(as the locals affectionately call it) is the final destination of the famous Trans-Siberian Railway, the largest seaport. And, finally, it was in Vladivostok that “... they finished their campaign”, the valiant Red Army men from the song “In the valleys and on the hills,” familiar to every Soviet schoolchild.

Today we will describe the program of an “averaged” three-day tour to this amazingly beautiful city located on the Pacific Ocean, which will not leave indifferent neither school-age children, nor already experienced people. For the 3 of the day, Vladivostok certainly can’t be studied from A to Z (this will take forever), but we will talk about the brightest places.

Day one

Upon arrival in the morning at the railway station, the group is met by a guide who will work with her all three days.

By the way, about the railway station of Vladivostok. Not everyone knows that it is an exact copy of the capital’s Yaroslavl station, despite the fact that it was built ... on 20 years earlier! The fact is that after the construction of the Yaroslavl Station in Moscow in 1912, the station building in Vladivostok was reconstructed and expanded in its image.

After settling in the hotel and breakfast, tourists go on two thematic tours. The first direction is the funicular, the starting point of which is located at the foot of the Eagles. In the wagons, the group rises to its very peak, from where, from the observation deck, a magnificent sight opens - a panorama of the city and the Golden Horn Bay with the cable-stayed Golden Bridge over it.

After admiring these beauties and having lunch at a local cafe, guests go to the Anatoly Kozitsky Autostar Museum. In this unique museum of its kind, one can also find the pre-war GAZ-4 pickup truck, the GAZ-67Б all-terrain vehicle and the ZiS-5 truck - the legendary “three-ton” or Zakhar in military performance. Next to this harsh equipment, the Zhiguli of the first model (or just a penny) and the last Soviet car, Tavria, executive cars of the Chaika executive class and the Vyatka, Volga cargo scooter of the 21 model and more many, many interesting exhibits. In this relatively small space, almost all the color of the domestic automotive industry is collected.

After such a busy day, you can only have dinner and go "to the side"!

Day two

Immediately after breakfast, tourists leave for Russky Island, where the Voroshilov Battery is located - one of the witnesses of the combat power of Russian weapons. Once it was a closed territory, where, in addition to the inhabitants of the island, only military personnel were allowed. Today it is connected to the city by the Golden Bridge, built to the summit of the countries of the Asia-Pacific region in 2012 and is known for its impressive campus - campus.

There are more than a dozen dormitory buildings, several educational buildings of the Far Eastern University, various centers - youth, student, medical, sports.

An equally interesting excursion awaits in the afternoon - a visit to the Oceanarium, one of the largest on the planet. Large-scale expositions that interpret the birth of the Universe, the evolution that our Earth has undergone, all the diversity of the underwater world of the region - all this makes a truly fantastic impression!

Day three

City tour.

The guide says that tourists coming to Vladivostok are simply obliged to perform the following tasks:

  • Take a walk along the Golden Bridge;
  • Take the cable car;
  • Pass under the arch of Tsarevich Nikolai and make a wish;
  • Admire the sunset at the Egerscheld lighthouse;
  • Take a memory photo on the viewing platform of the marine station.

He suggests the group not to depart from traditions - the proposal is accepted with a bang! So, since the first two tasks have been completed, the group bravely sets off to complete the work begun.

Vladivostok. The bridge over the Golden Horn Bay.

Arch Tsesarevich. These stone triumphal gates were built in 1891 to the arrival of the heir to the throne - the future emperor Nikolai Romanov. During the years of Soviet power, this monument was dismantled and restored with the donations of the local philanthropist Alexander Ermolaev in May 2003.

Making a wish, tourists head to the seaport. A modern building made of glass and concrete, architecturally stylized as an ocean liner. I immediately recall the famous song of Vladimir Vysotsky ... Many guests come here to the sea gates of the city to feed the pigeons and admire the panorama of the Golden Horn or simply stare at the ships scurrying along the bay. And take a selfie, of course!

The last “destination” is the Egerscheld lighthouse - named after the famous explorer of these places. For almost a century and a half, it has been the main reference point for ships entering the port of Vladivostok. It is located on the very edge of a narrow braid, called Tokarevskaya cat. For tourists, this place is one of my favorites. It takes your breath away from the majestic panorama of the Russian island that opens on the left and the port visible in the distance, and on the right - the fantastically beautiful sea, mixing on the horizon with the sky. If you are lucky and the weather is good, it is best to get here on foot. If not, then a mini ferry or barge is always at the service of tourists.

... Three days passed like an instant. It's time to say goodbye. Goodbye, Vladivostok, a city of Russian glory!

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+ 7 (4212) 240-119 ,
+ 7 (4212) 240-206
+ 7 (914) 770-1908
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