School tour Khabarovsk-Kaliningrad: time to the West!

Kaliningrad region is the most western region of our country. Interestingly, this region is an enclave and does not border the rest of the Russian Federation.

All the more interesting will be a trip to this Russian Europe for Far Eastern schoolchildren, which our travel agency offers during spring break. And if you add that after the Khabarovsk March slush and gloomy sky, the guys will see the gentle sun and breathe in the fresh Baltic breeze, this tour can be called a journey into a fairy tale!

From Khabarovsk to Kaliningrad: on the road!

Day 1.

Flight on the route Khabarovsk-Moscow-Kaliningrad, arrival in the evening. The group will be met at the airport and taken to the hotel, then - dinner, relaxation.

In the meantime, the group is resting, a few words about the city in which there are six exciting days to spend. There are few cities in Russia that are embraced by such an aura of mystery as Kaliningrad (before the war - Koenigsberg). It was here that the famous Amber Room with treasures was supposedly located. In these places, according to legend, the medieval Templars who fled from the wrath of King Philip hid a biblical relic - the Ark of the Covenant. However, neither the first nor the second have been found yet. The guide will tell about other secrets in tomorrow's sightseeing tour.

Day 2.

The tour starts right after breakfast.

It begins with a story accompanying the mythical she-wolf Guerra, worthy of the pen of Stephen King himself, who, in response to the murder of the townspeople by her cubs, began to take revenge by daily dragging one of the inhabitants. They say that until now sometimes at night she heard her heartbreaking howl.

However, enough of the sad. The first stop at the original business card of the city is the Cathedral, under the walls of which the great German philosopher Immanuel Kant, a native of Koenigsberg, is buried. In the museum of the cathedral, the guide will lead a fascinating story about the amazing life of a scientist, as well as acquaint with the mysterious history of the Kneiphof island and the Wallenrodt library, where the children will see a unique numismatic collection.

A walk through the medieval streets will lead the group to the Lovers Bridge - a great place for a photo shoot! They say that on this bridge the muse “came” to Frederic Chopin and, having come home, he wrote one of his masterpieces. Today, next to this place is a square named after the great composer.

And the guys will learn that it was in these places that some of the true stories told by Baron Munchausen happened.

After lunch, the guys will head to the amazing Museum of the World Ocean, where they will visit its most remarkable exhibit - the largest research vessel Vityaz in the world.

Those who wish can also attend an organ concert, walk around the Fish Village.

Day 3

Immediately after breakfast, the group will go on an excursion to an amazing place - Amber Beach.

The first point is the village of Yantarny, where the largest amber deposit on the planet is located. The guys will go up to the observation deck to see the quarry in which “Baltic gold” is mined, and then they will visit the man-made Amber Pyramid. During its construction, 0,8 tons of amber were used up!

In the historical center of Amber is a unique Lutheran church of the late 19 century. Hotel Schloss, once a former mansion of the famous Prussian family, is also located here. Passing through the beautiful Becker Park with centuries-old trees, tourists will go directly to the sea coast.

The next stop, after lunch, is Svetlogorsk. A museum with dinosaurs, a rare collection of amber resins, ancient castles, as well as magnificent sculptures "Carrying Water" and "Nymph", considered a symbol of the city - these and other sights await young Khabarovsk residents.

Day 4.

After breakfast, guests from the Far East are expected to visit the Curonian Spit with fantastic dunes, a dancing forest, an incredible aroma of pine trees - 7 hours that will be remembered for a lifetime!

The excursion begins from the ornithological station, founded in 1901, with the Fringill field hospital - finch. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is located on the route of seasonal migrations of millions of birds. They are registered and banded here, undergo weighing procedures, measurements, and then continue the flight. You will not see such a variety of birds anywhere else in the world!

From here, the guys will head to an interactive platform that simulates a Viking settlement. Here you can take photos in the armor of ancient warriors and take part in ancient games and entertainment.

A walk through the dancing forest and climbing the high dune of Ef will also leave an unforgettable impression.

Day 5.

It is fully devoted to excursions to the westernmost city of our country - Baltiysk. Once it was closed - there was a naval base. The guide will tell about the history of the formation of the domestic fleet, starting from the time of Peter the Great. Here are the famous Schinkel lighthouse, the church of the Reformation period, the Swedish fortress, the middle of the 17 century.

The harbor with dozens of military and civilian vessels standing on the roads makes a great impression, as well as a majestic monument built in honor of Empress Elizaveta Petrovna, whose pedestal is an observation deck overlooking the wonderful landscape of the Baltic Spit.

Day 6.

An exceptionally interesting and informative tour of the Prussian knight's castles. The first stop in one of the ancient castles - Insterburg, built in the 14 century. Today it is located in the city of Chernyakhovsk. Here, guests will be shown a medieval performance, after which the group will take a walk to local attractions - the Temple of St. Bruno, the town hall building.

Then the children will be taken to the village of Illichyovo, to the old German school - now the museum, Waldvinkel. After the demonstration lesson, the hostess will treat guests with tea and homemade cakes.

Day 7.

After breakfast, young tourists will be provided with free time - 2 hours for a walk in Kaliningrad, after which they will be given the rooms and transfer to the airport.

Such a fascinating and full of impressions tour to the Baltic awaits boys and girls from Khabarovsk during the spring break.

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