Group tour in Primorye “Journey to the sea”

Vladivostok ... the eastern sea gate of our country. Due to the huge distances from the central regions of the country, this amazing and not quite typical Russian city is much more accessible for Chinese, Korean and even Japanese tourists. But on the other hand, those who have visited here at least once and got the opportunity to admire the incredibly beautiful landscapes of the Pacific Ocean, get acquainted with unique local attractions and enjoy exotic seafood prepared by Far Eastern culinary specialists, fall in love with this wonderful land for life!

In this regard, residents of neighboring regions — the Khabarovsk Territory, the Amur and Chita Regions — are offered a much more favorable position, who are offered a variety of organized tours of Primorye. One of the most successful offers is the “Journey to the Sea” tour with a visit to Vladivostok and Nakhodka, whose participants are guaranteed 9 days and 8 nights, filled with fireworks of pleasure and incredible comfort. By the way! The cost of the tour includes, in addition to accommodation and meals, also expenses for excursions, a railway crossing to Nakhodka, services of guides, transfer and insurance! But first things first. So…

Welcome to Vladivostok!

The first day. A guide arriving at the railway station meets travelers arriving in Vladivostok. After checking into the hotel and having breakfast, tourists on a comfortable bus head for a city tour with a visit to local attractions. The first stop is the famous funicular, which is a unique lift system. For almost 6 decades, the main passengers of the wagons have been not only guests of the capital of Primorye, who have a unique opportunity to enjoy the magnificent panorama of the city from above, as well as students of the local university, whose buildings are located along the entire cable car route.

After lunch, tourists will have an excursion to the only car museum in Russia. The museum's collection includes domestic and foreign cars and motorcycles of the most famous brands, released in the last century. Among the exhibits located in the 6 spacious halls, there are truly rare models, including captured German and Japanese WWII equipment.

At the end of such a busy and full of impressions day, travelers can only have dinner and relax.

Second day. Breakfast is followed by an excursion to Russky Island with a visit to the Voroshilov Battery, symbolizing the power of the invincible Russian army and the incredible capabilities of Russian engineering. Until the 1997 year, she carried out her service, reliably guarding the eastern borders of the country. Guided guides will visit the forts and underground premises of the complex, listen to a detailed and interesting story about the purpose of the citadel, learn that in the post-perestroika years this military pride of Russia, unique in world fortification practice and comparable, except perhaps with the Sevastopol battery, was on the verge of putting into scrap metal - just like in the famous song of Vladimir Vysotsky.

FEFU campus

The next excursion is to the campus of the Far Eastern Federal University, which, as knowledgeable people say, has no analogues in the Russian Federation. This is a kind of town in the city with its own infrastructure, recreation areas, including mini waterfalls and fountains and even a separate promenade!

Following the inspection of educational buildings and dormitories, medical and sports centers, here you can restore romantic memories of your own youth, riding with their students on their cozy student bus.

Vladivostok Aquarium

Afternoon is entirely devoted to visiting the grand Oceanarium: the width of the building is 150 meters, and the total length of the exhibition areas is approaching one and a half kilometers! Here, tourists will witness the unique dolphin show, and 3D - screens and 5D displays will give them additional emotions. The program of the day ends with a traditional dinner.

Excursion to the dungeons of Vladivostok

Day Three Having breakfast, having vacated hotel rooms and having deposited things, tourists, accompanied by a real digger, are sent on a walking tour with the intriguing title “Secrets of the underground Vladivostok”. More than a kilometer walk in the tunnels, when at every turn you find mysterious shadows of the past, and only digger lights illuminate the path, they will bring real pleasure to adventure lovers!

After lunch, travelers enjoy free time, and then - dinner, train station and train to Nakhodka - to the sea.

Unforgettable holidays in Nakhodka

The second part of the tour - from the fourth to the ninth day, includes a visit to the village of Wrangel, administratively part of the city of Nakhodka. Fantastic landscapes covered with shrubbery of mountain slopes - gently sloping in the southern part of the landscape and elevated in the northern part of the area incredibly organically fit into the enchanting aquamarine of the Sea of ​​Japan, creating a feeling of amazing peace.

I just want to relax and forget about the transience of being. It offers more active tourists - massage rooms and a sauna, sports grounds and gyms, as well as cozy cafes and restaurants. And the sea, sea, sea ...

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