Memo to parents. We send the child to school tour (avia).

So, your child goes to school tour. So that you don’t forget anything and the child’s rest was as comfortable and fun as possible, we recommend that you follow our memo:

  1. Documentation. Each child must bring with him the original identity card (birth certificate, passport) and medical insurance policy (compulsory medical insurance). If you worry that he might lose them, then give them to the group leader at the airport.
  2. Packing up the suitcase. We strongly recommend that you do not load your child with a large / heavy suitcase. As a rule, on the way to the place of rest it is necessary to make many crossings / crossings (airports, train stations, buses, subways) and children will have a hard time managing their luggage. A backpack is best for tours. He frees his hands, you can put water, napkins, things, a camera, etc. in it. Baikal
    Make your baby's luggage recognizable. This will facilitate its search on the conveyor belt and speed up the process of obtaining it. Remember that hand luggage (a bag that you can take in the cabin) has special requirements that are set by airlines. It is better to learn about them from the tour operator before starting the trip.
    When collecting things, take into account the climatic features of a city. For example, St. Petersburg is not the sunniest and warmest city in Russia, so be sure to put a small umbrella or raincoat, warm clothes and comfortable waterproof shoes.
  3. Air travel. You must arrive at the airport 2,5-3 hours before departure time. DO NOT CHECK YOUR CHILD ON THE FLIGHT BY YOURSELF. It makes your tour operator! All children should sit next to your team leader. Remember, he (a) is responsible for the children! Be sure to check with the tour operator at what tariff is air transportation. Tariffs “Promo” and “Economy” have a number of restrictions on the transportation of luggage and hand luggage. Do not forget that all airlines take care of the safety of their flights and do not allow liquids exceeding 100 ml (milk products, perfumes, deodorants with aerosols, toothpaste, creams, mascara and even soft cheeses) to be carried aboard (in hand luggage); .
  4. Accommodation at the accommodation. Often children on school tours are accommodated in hostels. It is both budget and fun for the child to live with 3-5 friends in the room. However, please note that the hostel does not have toiletries. Be sure to put a towel, soap, shampoo and slippers in your suitcase!
  5. Connection Take care of contact with the child so that his phone is always available (charging, special rates, replenished balance). There will be times when he cannot answer you, then you can call or write to the group leader. Do not forget about the possible time difference!
  6. During the tour. Make a recognizable element on the child’s clothes (a bright cap or tie) to make it easier for the leader to control the group.
    If the child is taking any medications, be sure to inform your supervisor.
    The amount of money allocated to the child for additional expenses, you determine yourself at your discretion. Usually, the amount varies from 5000 to 10 000 rub. Consider the possibility of children visiting additional excursions + public transport, which are not included in the price of the ticket.
    If the child himself cannot manage the allocated funds, which often happens (when they spend everything on the second day), then it is better to hand them over to the leader of your group. As a rule, children buy something that parents are not allowed to buy at home, for example, not very useful chips and sodas. Therefore, we ask you to make and transfer to the leader of the group a list of what the child can buy (use) and what cannot.
    Explain to your child how to behave in a strange city, in public transport, in museums, etc.
    Do not give your child a trip of expensive, valuable things, so that their accidental loss does not spoil the child's rest.
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+ 7 (4212) 240-206
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