Excursions for children in Khabarovsk: a window into the world of the unknown

Excursions teach more than anything. Sometimes one day spent in other places gives more than ten years of living at home. This was said by the Nobel laureate Anatole France, and he knew a lot about travel. You need to start knowing the world from early childhood: it is at this age that a person learns as much as he does not know more in his entire life. Excursions for children are an amazing experience and an opportunity to get acquainted with cities and their traditions, visit the best tourist corners, and visually study school subjects. Scientists have found that information is perceived and absorbed much more effectively if it is obtained from practical experience, and not from a textbook. Especially if the subject of study is the native land or even the hometown.

Excursions for younger students allow you to thoroughly and unobtrusively consolidate the teaching material. Even a short walk with a visit to a small museum, square or library will be very useful for kids. And if you relax with friends or classmates, then this will not only help to show interest and curiosity in the subject of the excursion, but also make friends with a company with which you have to spend all your childhood!

Eskuosia - acquaintance with Khabarovsk

Studying the native land, children see events, another way of life, traditions, culture with their own eyes. This is important, especially for us, the Far East: the outflow of youth from the region needs to be "treated", including through the knowledge of our native land from an early age.

Excursions in Khabarovsk for students

You don't even need a reason to conduct a tour of your native city, but nevertheless, thematic excursions for schoolchildren are an alternative way to celebrate a holiday - Victory Day, City Day, for example. Many dates important for the history of Russia are not perceived by children of the “next” generation. But if you “present” them in an unusual format, they will be remembered for a lifetime.

All major city attractions are included in the map. наших tourist routes. Rare schoolchildren do not like excursions: for some it is an opportunity to skip classes, for others it is to learn something new, for others it is a good selfie, to fool around with classmates. And in general, all these goals justify the purpose of the tour. It is impossible to reduce everything only to obtaining new information. It is important for children to communicate in an informal setting: this brings together, especially if there is a misunderstanding between the teacher and the class.

Excursions to nature in Khabarovsk

A trip to nature with a class also has many advantages: in the suburbs of Khabarovsk there are many natural monuments and scenic spots with wonderful excursions. Children with their indefatigable energy love such routes. It is not necessary to lead them into the taiga, because even a harmless walking along the hiking trails will surely inspire children and will be remembered for a long time.

If students have to make one of the most important choices in life and decide on a profession, we can offer the popular "Great career guidance tour”, Which, together with Khabarovsk, captures another important city in the Far East - Vladivostok. Students will visit more than 10 universities and higher schools, which will undoubtedly help them to dispel doubts and choose the right place for admission.

Excursions to St. Petersburg for classes

The northern capital of our country is the apogee of all tourist routes. In St. Petersburg, the whole history and culture of a mighty power is embodied. An excursion to St. Petersburg for students by definition can not be boring or uninteresting. Firstly, this is a grand journey for young Khabarovsk residents: to overcome 8 thousand km is almost a feat. Secondly, a visit to the city on the Neva is comparable to traveling throughout Russia. Only in the museum "Grand Model Russia»All Russian regions are amazingly accurately collected. At 800 sq. millions of micro-components are located meters: mini-trains move, and mini-residents live their own lives.

The museum of communications, the St. Petersburg planetarium, the museum of optics, the House of the Giant, the zoological museum and many other city objects are ideal for organizing study tours. School tour to St. Petersburg from Khabarovsk - A huge plus for the cultural development of your children.

Organization of excursions to St. Petersburg

School excursions in the Far East will help to discover the culture and traditions of new places or their native land. A good half of the inhabitants of our country dream of excursions to the homeland of the Amur tiger, and they are available to young Khabarovsk almost every day. Excursions teach, develop, inspire and bring together. And they always have something new! Take advantage of this - and teach your children all the charm of traveling from an early age!

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